When does a Man Start to Miss You?

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Are you wondering when does a man start to miss you after a breakup?

Or if men are affected by separation just as much as women? 

The truth is that men are impacted by a break-up as much as women – they just do a worse job at showing their emotions.

If you want to become a better detective of his mind and learn to read the subtle cues, keep reading.

Below we cover the scenarios when guys will start to miss you after a breakup. 

How long time after breakup guys will start to miss you

In most cases, men start missing their ex as soon as the initial shock of the break-up is over. Some men feel initially relieved when they let their partner go, while others experience a more distressing reaction. However, there is no general rule of thumb here. 

For some men, it can take several days to start missing their ex, while others might get to this stage in a few weeks or even months. 

Please note that time is not the only thing you should look out for – it is way more important to learn the signs that he’s missing you. 

Do you want to know which ones? You can find all the answers below. In the meantime, don’t forget that looking after yourself in the post-break-up stage is just as important. 

When he becomes a different person, too fast

Let’s be honest, you don’t have to be a mind reader to figure out how long it takes a guy to realize he misses you. 

If you still follow him on social media or hang out with his friends, you might see or hear stories of your ex suddenly living his best life. 

While he rarely used to party when you were together, he’s now hitting all the pubs in town. He became this cool person who gets along with everyone and socializes wherever he goes. Even more, he also seems to have gotten very lucky in love, with this new crush of his. 

But ask yourself – are these behaviours genuine? Do you really think they’re coming from your ex’s authentic desire to get out of his comfort zone, meet new people or polish his social skills? 

If you’ve known him to be someone who dislikes partying and all of a sudden does exactly the opposite, something might be terribly fake in this story. 

All these eccentric behaviours of him showing that he’s living your best life might be just a poor attempt to conceal his emotions. Your ex might want to delude you into thinking that he’s not missing you at all or that he is definitely over you. 

The fact that he might be trying to get his life together should not be ruled out. But when these behaviours become too evident, this might be a sign that he’s already missing you. 

Even if it’s only been a couple of days or weeks since you last saw each other. 

When he’s trying too hard to get over you 

All these exaggerated behaviours are signs that he’s trying too hard. Unlike women, who eat an entire tub of cream while watching sad movies and crying their eyes out, men prefer to deny and repress their emotions in the initial stage post-break-up. 

So it’s pointless asking yourself how long does it take for a guy to miss you after a break-up. The right answer is that he misses you just as much as you miss him, but the way in which he shows that is totally different. 

Every sign showing extreme behaviour that is very unlike him (such as sudden attitude and routine changes) is a clear indication that he is already impacted by the break-up. However, in order to read between the lines when it comes to his actions, you have to understand how men’s brains work. 

They are attempting to control their emotions with their rationality (at least in most cases), so don’t expect him to send you long, soapy messages straight away. Men are also less experienced in navigating complex and turbulent emotional waves than women, which is why their default responses to a break-up are denial and repression

I know you are more likely to reveal your feelings through inspirational quotes on Instagram or by sharing sad break-up songs, but many men don’t function like this.

Hopefully, this helps you clarify the neverending question when do guys start to miss you after a break up. The short answer is that you just have to look for different signs. 

When he sees you doing well

The reality is that some men don’t want to admit that their ex can do great in life without them. Once he notices that you no longer message him obsessively or give him subtle signs that you want him back, he will start missing you. 

This can also give you some good indications into how long it takes for a guy to miss you after a break up. 

When your wellbeing and happiness no longer depends on his actions, this is when he will start wondering if he should have let you go. He will see you moving on with your life, making independent decisions, growing as a person and will wonder why he made such a stupid decision. 

This is a universal truth about human beings – we simply admire people who are successful and independent and want to be in their presence. We want their energy, presence, and inspirational mindset. So if you work on yourself and become someone everyone wants, him missing you will be just a matter of time. 

Surely, nothing can guarantee you that your actions will influence someone else’s decisions. At the end of the day, they decide what to feel and think. But if you want some good advice that might increase the probability of your ex missing you, this is by far the best:

Move on with your life, continue to grow as a person, and thrive by yourself. 

Who wouldn’t want a successful person around them? 

Is there anything that would make him miss you? 

When you spend too much time trying to figure out whether your ex misses you, you can actually become the person everyone would miss. Instead of obsessing about him, why not make him miss you instantly? 

Let’s see how.

Give him all the space he needs

It’s not only about how long it takes a man to miss you – but it’s also about how much space he has to realize that. If you are sending your ex daily texts and never give him the time and space to be with his feelings, how do you think he’s gonna miss you? 

If you’re constantly around him, he will never get the chance to have a clear and objective look at what he’d lost from the relationship with you. 

Most people best process the changes in their lives by reflecting on their actions, weighing the pros and cons of their decisions, and making space for all the emotional waves that arise within them after a chapter ends. 

And this best happens in solitude

Your ex will not be able to miss the greatest aspects you brought into the relationship if you’re always nagging him with various questions. 

Therefore, keep your head up and give him space to realize he’s missing you. This might mean setting a no contact promise to yourself

Genuinely move on with your life

As long as you keep wondering when do guys start missing their ex, you’ll miss out on important chances to develop your life. 

The most important aspect related to when you find yourself wondering when a man will start to miss you is being able to carry on with your life. Even without your ex in it. Instead of desperately trying to convince him to come back, start focusing on yourself and your own growth and let your actions speak for themselves. 

Set boundaries for how often you think about him. Learn to find fulfilment in your life by yourself. 

If he is out there partying and trying to hide his feelings, show him that you are doing great by yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, focus on work and friendships, take care of your body, and polish your skills. 

A failed relationship does not mean that you cannot start fresh with someone else. Focus on yourself for a while and let him see what he lost. 

Feel free to show him that you’re doing well, but don’t try too hard and don’t show excessive signs. Once he will see that you can actually thrive without him, he will start realising that he has lost someone valuable.