How To Make Him Miss You In A Long Distance Relationship

How To Make Him Miss You Even More In A Long Distance Relationship

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Being in a relationship is hard, period!

So, there is undoubtedly no one in the entire world who won't agree with you when you say that being in a long distance relationship is even harder!

And while you're wondering what he's up to when it's 2pm your time and 8pm his time, it's normal for you to feel anxious and curious.

But before you put in all of your effort to keep the relationship alive, ask yourself:

Is he worth keeping?

If you can answer 'yes', then it's time to move onto the next few steps - and to help you figure out how to make him miss you, here is:

A Fool Proof Guide On How To Make Him Miss You Long Distance!

Are you ready? Read carefully, and you'll be able to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Make Him See What He's Missing

As hard as it is being in a long distance relationship, it does give you the time to focus on other areas of your life.

After all, growing as a person is essential to giving back and loving others.

If you use this time wisely, you'll be able to not only improve upon yourself as a person, but also gain a lot of strength and perspective in which to love your partner even more.

Additionally, by using the time you have with others who are close to you, you will be able to:

  • grow a stronger bond with family and friends
  • take care of yourself, emotionally by being the most important person in your life
  • take care of yourself physically, by visiting the gym or engaging in fun activities.
  • take care of yourself mentally, by trying new things such as yoga, meditation, and reading.
This is all good and well, but what's the trick?

The trick to make him miss you long distance  - is for him to see your busy and active life.

Use Instagram, Facebook or any other channel you desire to let him see that you're a desired and fun person that he has good reason to miss.

Which brings us to the next step...

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

We're in a super advanced technological world, which means that you can connect with virtually anyone with the click of a button!

That's not only a good thing when it comes to you yearning to hear his voice, but also for you to

show off a little ...

Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp video calls - use these channels to get your flirt on! A skimpy top, a bright smile with his favorite lipstick shade on...use your imagination...

it will surely get his pulse racing!

SnapChat is another winner!

This is a super fun one, as it allows you to incorporate him into your every day life, even if the moments are rather unimportant.

Did you see a magnificent piece of architecture on your walk to work? Or was your breakfast bowl not only amazing but also, aesthetically pleasing?

Show him!

Let him be apart of your daily ins and outs! It will make the long distance thing seem not-so-long-distance, and it will incorporate a sense of normalcy when you two are apart!

This is an excellent way in how to make him miss you!

Let Him Know That You Care

This can be done by sending him small (or big!) care packages, or writing him adorable love letters (sending them in the post is even cuter!).

Like what he likes!

Even participating in activities that he enjoys while he's away is a great way to make him miss you long distance - such as watching his favorite film, or keeping up to date with the football score.

When he knows that you care, you're acing the steps in how to make him miss you!

After all, it's the small things that count in a big way!

Make Him Feel Special

In a non-creepy way, learn to know his schedule so that you can be there for those little or big moments.

But how?

For example, if he is in the middle of his exams, you should be able to know that he's writing his final Accounting exam on Monday...and then texting him to say good luck and to ask how it went.

It's dating 101!

Play Virtual Games

It sounds silly, but if you two engage in a friendly game of say, Word with Friends, it's just an additional way of being close to each other while in actuality, you're miles apart.

It's also a great way to keep him spending time with and thinking about you!

It may seem like a silly way in how to make him miss you, but again - these smaller things really add up!

Be Spontaneous

Of course, not everyone can afford to fly out or travel to see their significant other all of the time, but if you're ever given the opportunity to surprise your man - do it!

How can you do this?

Wear your best outfit, show up when he least expects it, and have an amazing itinerary planned for the two of you!

The easier it is to be with you, the stronger you two will be!

Be Positive!

It's not easy being in a long distance relationship... but if you continue to point out the negative aspects of it, you will essentially be bringing down the entire mood.

Every second counts

Every moment you can spent with your guy, be it in real life or in cyberspace, is precious, so make the most of it by being positive, upbeat, and happy!

Support Him

Whether you two are living apart because of you or him, it's important to let him know that you always support him in all of his endeavors.

Everything happens for a reason!

Perhaps he's moved across the country to further his studies, or he's living somewhere foreign to pursue his dream job - don't let him feel bad about doing these amazing things!

Show him that you're proud and happy for him, and you will always support him.

Get ... Intimate

There are so many was in which you can feel intimate and close to your man!

  • Get a makeover, and send him pics
  • Wear his favorite lingerie
  • Practice the art of sexting
  • Be adventurous and engage in what really turns him on

There's no reason why you need to be PG when it comes to an adult relationship with the man of your dreams!

In fact, this is one of the sure ways in how to make him miss you!

Go to town, girl!

And now that you've got these tips on how to make him miss you, you'll be able to be closer than ever before!

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