How To Make Him Miss You

The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Him Miss You

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So, you want to figure out how to make him miss you, and now you’re searching aimlessly on Google to find the perfect set of advice that’ll have him blowing up your phone, and eating out of the palm of your hand.

Guess what? It’s actually possible…thanks to a little thing called psychology!


Too many resources, not enough concrete information?

You see, there are many different websites and advice columns that give their opinion on how to make him miss you, but is that advice backed up by concrete research?

Probably not!

And that is where this article differs.

Here, we will give you:

  • Step-by-step instructions that’ll help you figure out how to make him miss you
  • Reveal why they actually work!

Are you ready to reel in your guy, making him miss you undeniably? Good!

This is how to make him miss you like crazy, in three easy steps.

Step one: An Important Question

Now before you decide that you’re ready to put in the time and effort into this guy, have you asked yourself if he is really worth it? Does he deserve the energy you’re willing to put in in order to make him miss you? And more importantly, does he deserve you?

And don’t lie to yourself!

ask yourself if he is worth it

If you can answer yes to these two questions, then it’s time to move on to the next step!

Step two: Add High Value to his Life

This step requires a bit more work than simply admitting to him that you love the same sports team, or that you both enjoy playing video games.

It requires you to dig deep and figure out what it is that really makes him tick. After all, the greater the experience you two have when you’re together, the more he will miss you when you’re not around.

How do you get inside his head?

To do this, you have to make sure that he associates positive feelings and emotions when he thinks of you.

How do you get inside his head

And how do you get there?

You should understand his needs—something that he feels he has to have or something that he feels he cannot live without.

And according to Tony Robbins—a well-established life coach, motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, most of us have six crucial needs. They are:

1. Certainty and Comfort

These are things that make a person feel safe and secure. It is the ability for us to feel a sense of order in this sometimes-chaotic world while being in control of our actions and thoughts.

2. Uncertainty and Change

This pertains to a sense of adventure that many of us want to experience. It’s taking on new challenges, finding thrill and excitement, and enjoying periods of change.

3. Significance

This is the need for us to feel wanted, loved, needed, and special. It’s the pride that we feel for ourselves and for the people in our lives.

4. Love and Connection

This is about having meaningful connections with ourselves and others and gaining approval from those we are surrounded by. It is about feeling intimacy and engaging in strong emotional relationships.

5. Growth

This is the desire to continue learning and evolving, to be challenged intellectually and spiritually, and to grow emotionally.

6. Contribution

This is all about how we can give back to those who are important to us. It is about caring for and protecting others.

With these six basic needs in mind, ask yourself if you are, or are able to, add any value to his life.

Take a moment to really think, make a list if necessary, and give yourself a score out of 10—10 being the highest.

Have you done this important step?

How have you scored? If you’re looking at lower numbers, then you will have to work a bit harder than if you were to score 7 or higher, but don’t worry—you will still get there!

What is the trick to making him miss you?

Hint: Now that you’ve read about the six basic human needs, it’s true that most of us have two human needs that are more important to us than the other four.

If you can figure out which two are most important to him—then you’re well on your way to cracking the code of how to make him miss you!

But what’s the catch?

The tricky part is about figuring out how you can add even more value to these one or two basic needs—something that he is not currently getting from other people in his life.

Here’s an example of how to make him miss you:

If you find, for example, that he is very focused on growing and being challenged, then it may seem near impossible to add more value to his life, as it is an internal drive that makes us human beings enjoy challenges.

Because of this, you will have to find a unique angle in which to make him feel the value you can add to his life.

How can you find the perfect angle to make him miss you?

Are you his number one supporter?

You could be a supporter of his need to grow. If he is trying to better his career, you can step in as someone who wants to hold him accountable for achieving his goal by making him aware of how much you believe in him.

be his number one support

In this way, he will see you as his number one fan who is an important part of his life when it comes to feeling motivated and driven.

This is your way of finding an alternative angle, supporting him in such a way that no one else in his life currently is—and that’s what makes you special.

One very important detail!

It is very important to remember that all of these steps above will simply not work if you incorporate any kind of negativity in his life.

If you, for example, end a meeting with a fight, he is not going to associate positive feelings with you and the time you spend together.

The final step to success…

Step three: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Of course, this is a super cliché expression, but there is definitely some truth to it! And it’s all about creating quality space.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Find that one special thing

It’s human nature to want things that we can’t have, which is why—once you’ve found that one thing that you can add to his life to fulfill his basic human needs, you need to distance yourself from him.

He needs to know that you are not always around, ready for him whenever he feels like it.

In doing this, you should start creating your own plans and being unavailable sometimes.

For even more success…

You should not contact him via social media, or messages so that he feels a sense of uncertainty (one of the six basic needs).

And if you find that he starts to text you more and more, take some time before responding. Then, when you finally do—keep it short and sweet, and be sure to be the one to end the conversation first.

He will soon realize that he doesn’t quite hold all the power and that if he is not careful, you will not always be readily available to him.

Some other hints and tricks to make him miss you

  • Have a signature scent that you wear when around him. This could be your favorite perfume, or a certain hair spray. Whatever you choose, this is the scent that he will associate you with, and it will be one of the things he will miss about you when you aren’t around.
  • Don’t give up all your cards at once! Allow him to be curious about you by only talking about yourself a little. Make him intrigued and interested to learn more.
  • Be happy! Let him know that you truly are a vibrant, positive, and amazing person that would make an excellent addition to his life. Let him know that you have great friends and that you are busy doing exciting and adventuresome things with them.

With these three steps and the additional tips and tricks that we’ve given you in this article, you’ll be able to make him miss you while being intrigued to get to know you more.

What does that mean for you?

Gaining the power and having the guy that you want, want you back!

And when you finally hear those three sweet words, “I miss you,” is it sincere, or simply a term of endearment? Find out what it means when a guy says he misses you.