how to make an aquarius man miss you

How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

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If you want to know how to make an Aquarius man miss you, look no further. 

Learning about the star sign of a man gives you insights into how to make him miss you and leave him craving for more.

Star signs are all about characteristics and personality traits. So knowing this kind of information will give you an advantage.

how to make an Aquarius man miss you

Here are 7 powerful tips on how to make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy. 

1. Stimulate him intellectually

Mental stimulation is one of the main keys to captivating an Aquarius man and making him crave spending more time with you. An Aquarius man can easily become bored and uninterested. 

Aquarius is a highly intelligent zodiac sign. So it’s important to keep the conversation interesting. An Aquarius man is a deep thinker and he loves to spend time deep in thought.

If you plan to go on a date, bring up some deep topics to get an Aquarius to miss you. It won’t be long until he texts you for the next date!

2. Be mysterious 

Being mysterious is also a powerful way to make an Aquarius man miss you and longing for your next date.

An Aquarius man is very curious, so adding a touch of mystery will keep him thinking of you often. Being naturally curious as an Aquarius means that you will be asked a lot of questions. 

Keep him guessing and don’t be too transparent with your answers. Of course, don’t avoid answering the question, as an Aquarius man appreciates honesty. But making him more curious will lead to more questions in the conversation. 

3. Show that you’re an independent woman

An Aquarius man enjoys spending some time alone to recharge. You might be wondering when does a man start to miss you? Don’t worry, showing that you can give him the space he needs will surely make him feel more comfortable with you. And you won’t seem too cold or distant by finding the right balance.

Showing that you’re a confident woman who knows her values will make you more attractive to an Aquarius man. He doesn’t like to feel suffocated, so being clingy is a big turn-off for him. 

Since he values freedom and independence, he will surely appreciate the same characteristics in a woman. So there’s a greater chance to get an Aquarius man to miss you by showing that you can also be alone.  

4. Give him space 

If you’ve already been on a few dates, you might be wondering or asking your friends “will an Aquarius man miss you?” 

People who are born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are known to be quite distant. As mentioned earlier, they use their intellect as a primary connector with the world. So to connect emotionally, you need to give them some time and space. 

So how can you make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy if he wants to spend time apart?

The answer is simple. Make him aware that you are interested in him, but don’t be too intense and text him 24/7. 

Take some time until you reply to his texts and create some space between the two of you every so often. If you want to learn more about how to make him miss you, read our Ultimate Guide On How To Make Him Miss You.

5. Play with his senses

An Aquarius man is all about the intellect but it doesn’t mean that you can’t tease him a bit with physical touch and other senses. 

Make sure that when you meet him, wear the same perfume to make him remember your scent. That way he will associate your scent with pleasant experiences you’ve had together.

Try to discover what kind of scents he likes. For example, is he spiritual and into incense? 

Or does he prefer an essential oil blend? Don’t be too obvious when you ask about it but bring it up casually in a conversation.

You can be creative when it comes to senses, even if he likes coffee for example. You can simply buy him a coffee-scented oil so he can use it at home when you’re not around. That’s an easy way to make an Aquarius man miss you. 

Physical touch is also a powerful way to bring some spice into your relationship. Don’t throw yourself at him and make yourself too available. You can be discreet and flirty during a conversation by gently tapping his shoulder as you giggle at his jokes. 

You’ll definitely leave him craving your presence. Getting his sense of humor will surely make an Aquarius man miss you. This brings us to the next tip…

6. Get his sense of humor 

These guys are often hilarious with a particular sense of humor. An Aquarius man uses his intellect as a tool to charm whoever he’s flirting with. If you don’t get his sarcastic jokes, there might be awkward silence during your romantic dinner. 

Paying attention to what he’s saying and getting his jokes is a great way to make an Aquarius man interested in you. This will naturally make him feel that you are a compatible match. Guys lovemaking girls laugh, it makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their ego. 

Sometimes it might be tricky to get the joke as they are good at maintaining a poker face. So you wouldn’t know if they’re joking unless you really get the joke. But if you really want to get an Aquarius man to miss you, be present in the conversation and make sure you giggle when he tries to make you laugh!

7. Be creative and spontaneous

An Aquarius man is spontaneous and doesn’t like boring routines. So if you want to keep him engaged in the relationship, make sure to be creative and spontaneous. 

When planning out dates together, try to come up with something different than what you usually do. This will surely keep him on edge and keep the adrenaline going. Be careful not to go over the limit and overdo it. If he’s afraid of heights, don’t suggest skydiving…..

So the best is to suggest something which he likes, but something you haven’t done together yet. By keeping him on edge and surprising him, it will make him want you more. This will help you stand out from the stereotypical dates that he’s been on already.

Spicing things up is definitely a powerful way of how to make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy!

Will an Aquarius man miss you?

Are you in a long-distance relationship with an Aquarius man and wondering how to make him miss you?

The most powerful way to make him miss you is to give your Aquarius space. Remember not to ignore him purposely or he will be distant from you. But let him wait a bit before you reply to his messages. You don’t want to come off as a needy or clingy girlfriend because he really isn’t a fan of dependent people.

When texting him, send him a sexy photo of you without showing too much to keep the mystery going. This will make him want you even more. Making him wonder about you will surely make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy. 

When an Aquarius guy says that he misses you, he doesn’t say it just to make you happy. Aquarius guys are rarely emotional; thus, if he says he misses you, he truly means it. That’s also a sign that he is seriously interested in you.

How to make an Aquarius man miss you after a breakup

It’s quite common to miss your ex after a breakup. Most people have to go through 7 stages of breakup grief to process their emotions. 

If you want to learn more about how to get over a breakup, you can learn more via this article. 

On the other hand, if you want to find out how to make an Aquarius man miss you after a break-up, read on the following tips!

As you can see, a Zodiac sign says a lot about a person. An Aquarius man is an overthinker. So by planting the right seeds in his head, you can surely get him thinking about your relationship. 

Texting him a message to let him know that you’re thinking about him is a good way to start and make an Aquarius man miss you after a breakup. Don’t pour your heart out in the text, so you keep it a bit mysterious. An Aquarius man would appreciate the fact that he’s still in your thoughts. 

Observe his response to your text and try to suggest that you meet up to have a chat. When you meet up, make sure to wear his favorite scent to get him nostalgic. Going to a place where you have good memories together also helps to remind him of your good vibe. 

If you’re not ready to meet him, perhaps send him a text mentioning a song that you liked together. This will help him think about the good memories you have together. Remember Aquarius guys are all about mental stimulation so it’s surely a powerful way to make an Aquarius man miss you!

The bottom line on how to get an Aquarius man to miss you

We’ve explored the main characteristics and personality traits of an Aquarius man. You might have been scratching your head thinking about how to make him miss you. But after reading this article we’re sure you’re going to be on the right track. 

Simply keep in mind the below tips: 

  • Stimulate him intellectually
  • Be mysterious and spontaneous
  • Give him space and show you’re an independent woman
  • Laugh at his jokes
  • Tease him by playing with his senses

By using these tips with your Aquarius man, you’ll surely have him missing you and asking for the next date. If you play your cards well, you might also make it in his dreams and have him dreaming about you