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Most of us go through heartbreak clueless about how to handle it.

We're all about solving this.

By organizing advice & information from word leading relationship experts we aim to educate our readers in their most emotionally difficult times.

Our core content focuses on topics such as

  • How to get over someone
  • When it's time to break up
  • How to get back together
  • If you should get back together
  • Managing grief & pain
  • How to feel better after a breakup

We also cover breakup stories, real examples & statistics.

On our story page, you can read about both success stories of people getting back together and people that ended up better off moving on.

You will also find that we cover breakup stories from public couples/groups. Everything from actors or music groups. We hope that the stories shared on our site can help make people feel less alone and learn from others.

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A bunch of researchers & writers, happy digging deep into sources to find the very best information.

We support psychology research, therapists & coaches that are doing a great job in helping to fix broken hearts all over the world.

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